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ANOTHER Gifts to Give Thank you…..

The CEO and head honcho of Gifts to Give in Acushnet is Jim Stevens and if you look up “ANGEL” in the dictionary, his picture will be there.  He is the most kind,sincere and modest man I have ever had the honor of calling my dear friend.  His philanthropic efforts in the greater Southcoast for homeless and needy children is unequivocal.

At Yesteryear cyclery we help his efforts  by donating  hundreds of bikes and thousands of dollars over the years and Jim never fails to thank us both verbally and with heartfelt letters.  It is such a rewarding feeling to help such a worthy organization and kindred spirit.  Love you Jim ………

Customer Appreciation Letter

Not really patting ourselves on the back but it is really nice when somebody appreciates our work enough to take the time to send us a nice thank you card…( HOME MADE no less !!! ).   

Thank you Paul Berberbian of Fairhaven.  Really cool dude !!!

Here’s just a few more of the many we receive for our work in the community.  Proud to always pay it foward ,,,,,


Along with the awesome help of Ed McPherson of ProActive Philanthropy, Jim Stevens of Gifts to Give and Kim Camara of Yesteryear Cyclery , a coordinated effort was launched and over 50 bicycles were donated to the Door of Hope Pantry  Lawrence MA and Awana Club of Lawrence MA.  
What a rewarding feeling to see the happy faces on these underpriviledged children and families when something nice is done for them.  PAYING IT FORWARD…………..

Below is a copy of a beautiful email thank you we received from Wagner Valenzuela of Centro Cristiano Caminó de la Salvación.

Hi my name is Wagner Valenzuela on behalf of Door of Hope Pantry and Awana clubs in Lawrence we like to thank you for your donations to the programs,  your hard work to make things happen really make an impact and put a lot smiles on faces not only kid’s but also parents,  grandparents, aunts , uncles , tutors etc. From the original thought to the people who pumped every tire and  to the one who made that extra mile to deliver….. THANK YOU everyone.  Attached we are sending you some of the photos  taken ((and some other photos the parents promise to turn in with the kids reaction but not yet )).

Introducing “FREE BIKE FRIDAY”

We give a lot of refurbished bikes throughout the year to many deserving causes.  Now that school is out for the summer and kids are playing everywhere we have started a new program to help out deserving underprivileged  kids in the greater southcoast area.

It is open to boys and girls aged 12 years old and younger.  They simply have to send us an email letter telling us why they need a free bike and our staff reviews the letters.  Every friday, we award a shiny rebuilt bike to the kid’s who sent in the best letter.  It varies from week to week.  Some times we only give away a single bike but one week we had 6 winners !!!!

If you are lucky enough to qualify and win, you have to come into the store with at least one parent or adult and you have to fill out a “Good Kid Contract”( see below ).  


This program has been very successful and parents love the contract !!!  We give them a copy to take home and tell their children that if they don’t adhere to the rules of the contract, the bike will be returned to the store and a more deserving child will get it instead,  Just our part in helping make kids into better adults.  With bicycles and respect for their parents.  

FREE BIKES to deserving students

We were very proud to join with the New Bedford school department and donate free bikes to students who had attained a perfect attendance record during the entire 2018 school year.  There are 19 elementary schools in the greater New Bedford area and all were invited to participate,  We had a “brainstorming” meeting at the Gifts to GIve Philanthropy Factory last September to come up with a way to distribute some of the hundreds of good used bikes we had amassed over the past 2 years.

Generous local folks donate their used and broken bikes to the center and we in turn repurpose them, restore them and help with their distribution throughout the greater Southcoast area.  Together with dirctor James Stevens, we had a “glut” of available bikes so he called together this meeting of local area agencies that could potentially benefit from free bikes and the school attendance promotion was born.

Darcie Aungst , principal of the Congdon and DeValles school in New Bedford’s southend was the first to jump on board and run with it.  At the close of school on June 21st, our phone  started ringing off the hook with excited students that had qualified for a free bike !

The kids started arriving soon after, always accompanied with their families and the staff here at the shop helped them pick out a shiny refurbished bike from a pile of dozens we had prepared for them.

The smiles and joy on those families faces when their little angels got a new bike made this program so worth all the  work it took to pull off.

We have not yet heard from some of the other schools but in the upcoming days expect more bikes to be given away.  Earlier in the school year we also through the Gifts to Give program, with oversight from Mr. Stevens, gave a dozen bikes to the Nativity Prep School located in downtown New Bedford.

It’s such a great feeling to help, even in the smallest way, a child to grow up to be a better person through such a small act as getting a new bike !!!  Special thanks again to Jim Stevens from Gifts to Give for his never ending efforts to make the world a better place.


Some memories NEVER die !!!!

Here’s a recent email we recieved from a former customer, Brian Houk , who now resides in Las Vegas Nevada.  Our heritage of changing people’s lives goes back a long way…………..


Hi there, I was just telling someone about my first bicycle and I decided to do a little research. You see in 1967 a little over 50 years ago (when I was 11) I saved up some money from caddying and had my father drive me to Yesteryear Cyclery on Hathaway road. Yesteryear was the closest Schwinn dealer to our house (1.6 miles) I knew exactly what I wanted, a copper colored Sting Ray bike with a metalflake copper banana seat and I was going to pay cash for it with my own money. I want to say the Sting Ray cost me either $62 or $65. I was so proud walking out of your store. I think my father was proud for me too! Mine was I believe one of the first Sting Ray Schwinns in the area. Not for long though. Sting Rays were soon everywhere. I can’t believe the business is still a going concern. I thought you’d get a kick out of hearing from someone that was REALLY impressed by your operation some 50+ years ago and still remembers Yesteryear Cyclery after all this time.

Brian Houk

Las Vegas , NV


Please Note:

We are now operating at our regular schedule.  Open Monday – Saturday from 9-5.  CLOSED on Sundays.  Check out the “Specials” link for some killer deals in th service dept..  Get your bike in NOW for early spring service and riding.  The service department books up fast this time of year.  Don’t get caught waiting.


INTERBIKE / Las Vegas 2018

Well here it was September 2017 and I decided to take some of the staff off to Interbike  2018 held at the Mandalay Bay  Sept 18 – 22, 2017.  This trade show is held every year and conicidentally was exactly ONE WEEK before the horrific events that took place at the Mandalay Bay.  Our prayers and sadness go out to the many people who lost their lives or were seriously injured.  We could see the stage that all the performances were done on being built each day when we arrived at the hotel.  Scary to say the least.

The show was a lot less populated than we remember from 2015 ( the last time we attended ).  Most all of the larger manufacturers did not show in Vegas.  Next year the venue will be changing to Reno and perhaps more will attend.  The lack of major bike companies didn’t deter Adam or I from getting a lot out of the show however.  We spent 2 full days in the desert riding electric bikes and trying out new products.  We wer able to get some great leads on new products to bring to the store next year.

Some of the highlights were found at “The Circuit”…  an ALL electric track sponsored by Bosch Electric and populated by most every E-bike manufacturer worldwide.  We got to try out many models and actually took on TWO new franchises.  Magnum ( ) and OjO ( ). We already have some of the models in the store and available for test rides NOW !!!

                                 The “Circuit “Adam gives a front wheel drive prototype bike a try

We got to see the new 2018 Haro “Lineage” throwback bikes. 20″ 24″ and 26″ Masters were the hot items everyone was eyeballing.  We also connected with Highway 2, who distributes Continental tires, Abus locks and Brooks saddles. We will be stocking a full array of Ryders technical eyewear which are really cutting edge for cycling.  We also are in negotiations with Zipp Speed Weaponry to sell their super light racing wheelsets.

Dinner with my lifelong friend and business partner Stewart Goldsmith, national sales manager for Kryptonite Lock.  Stu and I have a serious addiction to Florida stone crab.  He treated us to and incredible meal at Joe’s Stone Crab at Cesar’s.


Adam, Stormy, Karen and I spent a night on the town.  We went on the “High Roller”..  the worlds highest ferris wheel ( 55 stories at the top ).  Then a night of drinking and debauchery.  

Remember ..  “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas “

After of very full week of bikes and booze, it was time to get back to reality and on Saturday night we all piled into the limo and headed off to the airport for a redeye nonstop home arriving at Logan at 5:30 AM.  WOW…..

Please come by the shop any time and see all the new products for 2018 we have or are getting in soon.  Who knows Adam may even tell you the story about the giraffe and the hot dog on the Vegas strip !!!!