The Best Kids BMX Helmets

Let’s not beat around the bush. BMX can be a dangerous sport, especially for our often reckless kids who throw caution to the wind time after time. Keeping our children protected anytime they’re leisurely cruising on two wheels is a no-brainer. But when you throw ramps, forested terrain, or high-speed downhill tracks into the mix, the need for top-of-the-line protection equipment is more of a requirement than a suggestion.

When riding BMX, it’s essential to wear a suitable helmet for the type of riding you’re doing and the terrain you’re on. As far as BMX bike helmets go, they generally have a more robust design meant to protect against higher speeds and harder collisions. With that said, most things still ring true as far as bike helmets go. A proper fit, a tough outer shell, and design technology that protects against brain injuries are just a few of the things you’ll want out of your BMX helmet.

The good news? Here at Bern, we cover all of those bases and more with our industry-prized bike helmets, and we go above and beyond to design some of the most trusted kid’s BMX helmets on the market. From our patented MIPS protection technology to our sleek and modern designs, you and your kids are sure to remain safe and comfortable on two wheels, regardless of the terrain.

Our Top Choice: Bandito Youth Bike Helmet

Kids grow like weeds, and unfortunately, there’s no way around the massive fluctuations in the size of their skull. Bern recognized the problem years ago and set out to design a helmet that pairs perfectly with an ever-expanding melon. Enter the Bern Bandito Bike Helmet. We manufactured this helmet with two things in mind – impulsive shredding and cutting-edge technology.

The Bern Bandito Bike Helmet comes equipped with a Crankfit Dial System, allowing you to fine-tune and adjust the helmet for a perfect fit. What else does that mean? Now you won’t need to buy a new helmet every six months as your kid’s cranium expands, saving you valuable time, effort, and money that so often gets carelessly tossed aside. You can fit the Bandito with various seasonal liners that make ripping trails comfortable and safe throughout any season, and the Quickmount Light Compatibility makes riding in the dark as safe as possible. Lastly, and arguably the most important consideration – the Bern Bandito is constructed with MIPS technology, a cutting-edge safety system that reduces rotational brain injuries if your kiddo takes a spill. Head injuries are the most common severe injuries in BMX, so having a helmet that gives you optimal protection is vital.

The Bandito truly ticks all the boxes for a BMX helmet, and it does it with a modern style that makes those with even the priciest helmets looking envious. With up to five color schemes to choose from, we guarantee your kid stays stoked to keep this helmet on their dome, regardless of this week’s fads or fashion.

Questions? Reach out to our team to talk about all things safety and adventure.