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Yesteryear RIDES !!!!

The boys of Yesteryear have been going on regular Sunday rides on their new Giant ATB’s.  Many local trails are victims.  Sometimes the rider wins and comes home victorious and sometimes the trail wins…  as the link below will show.     ( enjoy )


Want to get rid of an old “junky” bike ?


Very often people come by the store with 1,2 or even more old “beaters” they’ve taken out of the garage or cellar and ask to trade them in for a new bike. We have very strict guidelines in the used bike department regarding condition, brand/make and overall quality of a bike we take in trade. we try to be diplomatic if someone “pushes” in an old Walmart clunker with warped wheels and broken cables, covered in rust and ask… “How about a hundred for my Betsy here? “.
Well we have partnered up with Bob Cormier from “Gifts to Give”, a local philanthropic organization and act as a middle man to funnel these less than perfect used bikes to a great cause… ( see picture ). If the bike needs mild to moderate attention, we will repair and tune it up so that its a safe bike, sometimes using used parts or new ones and then donate it. If the bike is a bit better and requires little or no work, we tag it as a G.T.G. bike, put a price on it and sell it as such. We then take that money and either donate it directly to GTG or use some of it to pay for new parts used to repair others. All our labor to refurbish any of these bikes is donated and done by our mechanics on their own time. If a bike is just a “total loss” we then stockpile them and bring them to a local scrap yard and sell them for weight.


So if you’ve got an old klunker you want to get rid of… PLEASE feel free to bring it by and donate it to Gifts to Give so that someone less fortunate than us can benefit. It makes you feel good and doesn’t cost a dime. THANKS !


N.B.B.C Monthly Ride for JUNE.. Let’s all go !!!

bike nbbcEveryone’s invited to ride with NB Bike! Meet us in the Fort Taber parking lot at 5:45 pm. The ride starts at 6:00 pm. This event is free and free and open to the public.

See the route here

This is a 12.58 mi route beginning at Fort Taber in New Bedford, MA. The route has a total ascent of 340.45 ft and has a maximum elevation of 63.39 ft.

Don’t forget to register and log your miles with the League of American Bicyclists’s National Bike Challenge! Follow the link to join our team:




We will be CLOSED all day Monday Memorial day.

Please remember and honor ALL our military who allow us to live FREE.


Winter Hibernation

hibernationWell people, in case you haven’t noticed, the shop has gone into winter “hibernation” mode !   Our new relaxed hours are Friday and Saturday from 9-5 ONLY. If you get lonely for a Yesteryear “fix”.. you can check out our new “live cam” link on the sidebar.  Here you can keep a constant eye on us and make sure we’re not goofing off !!! You can also leave an email on the “contact us” page and we’ll get back to you but until mid-march it’s weekends only.  2014 looks like a very exciting year in the bicycle industry.  Look for lots of FAT BIKES, Electric assist bikes, full suspension ATB’s and especially the brand new 650b ( 27.5) mountain bike.  A few companies are offering these for ’14 but GIANT bikes are going to be the hottest and we’re gonna have them.

Just found out that TREK bicycles have aquired Electra bikes ( who make the Townie line ) so distribution should be even better in 2014.  Shimano and Pearl Izumi is offering all kinds of new clothing and shoes and we will have it all in the spring.  The New Bedford Bicycle Committee is going under a bunch of changes, including a yet to be named new prez, so watch out for tons of news.  Group rides, bike path street markings, events, etc.  ( ).  In the early spring the city department of infrastructure will be picking up the Saris workstations from the shop and installing them downtown and at Fort Taber.  Look for updates both in the Standard Times and here on the website.  Also in the planning is an early spring “Bike Flea Market and Swap Meet” to be held on Yesteryear property.  Booths will be available and this will be a great chance to both sell and buy TONS of cool bike stuff.  Watch for further details !!!

Well, I’m personally going to pick out a piece of pink sand,beach get myself a fruity drink  and try to forget about the thousands of bicycles I fixed last year.  You, however, need to get those bikes up on that trainer, put on the lycra and start crankin’…..  Spring starts Thursday March 20th !!!!



Menu Joy @ Yesteryear

Bikes for Christmas ?

Here’s why you should get your kid’s a nice new bicycle for Christmas this year …..



Southcoast Bikeway family ride

bike rideUpcoming family ride this Saturday November 16 sponsored by the Southcoast Bikeway.

Please make an effort to attend and support cycling in the greater New Bedford area.  There’s tons of great riding weather left so get out there and enjoy your bike !