Service Specials



Includes true/balance wheels, adjust brakes/gears ( disc brakes add $20 )                check tire pressure, inspect rubber, check all nuts&bolts, adjust chain, check all bearings, complete 21 point LPD-9 silicon lubrication, Wipe down and polish bike, test ride.


Our service department is presently PACKED with tons of bikes.  There is plenty of winter riding left here in New England so get your bike(s) in soon. Lenny Machado , our service manager, and his staff are at the ready to give your bike a complete tune up and powerwash to get it both looking and running like the day you took it home.




Proflex bicycles are notorious for their always-failing elastomer rear shock. To remedy this problem, for those who cannot let go of these bikes, we in our service department have developed an “after-market” retrofit kit to bring that old Girvin back to life.  

The original elastomer(s) that were supplied on all these rear suspended bikes were made of an extremely poor quality nylon/neoprene and after just a few years literally disintegrated into dust, leaving the bike both dangerous and unusable.

We have sourced out a much “beefier” and stronger elastomer unit from Applied Suspension Systems in Canoga Park California and we now can breathe new life into that dead rear end of your Pro-Flex.  

Feel free to bring your bike in anytime and let Lenny Machado, our service manager, assess your ride and give you a FREE estimate.  Depending on your model and the degree of durometer and stiction you require, the price for this conversion will range from $25 – $75.