While in Florida, owner/president Kim Camara of Yesteryear has tried to remain busy…. Click on thE pictureS below to see a youtube video of what he’s been up too.


This is what you do with 3 months to kill and own a rambuncktious cat named STORMY……..



Spoiler alert… Get a beer and some popcorn, it’s 12 minutes long !!!!

Sad Hat1

In case you’re interested…. Click on picture to see the original “Stump 2016” video that started it all !!!!

STUMP 2016


Daves got a new dog…..dave1Meet “HOPE”…. Dave, our general manager has a new member of his family.  Hope is a 2 year old rescue pitbull that is just a ball of energy.  She’s been busily tearing up Dave’s house and chewing up furniture on a daily basis… but Dave and his family just love her.  She gets to go for walks down to the Cape Cod canal and run and play in ocean.  Good Luck Dave ( and HOPE !! )


Kim’s Lasagna Roll Ups !!!!

CLICK on the the picture to see the video !