Some memories NEVER die !!!!

Here’s a recent email we recieved from a former customer, Brian Houk , who now resides in Las Vegas Nevada.  Our heritage of changing people’s lives goes back a long way…………..


Hi there, I was just telling someone about my first bicycle and I decided to do a little research. You see in 1967 a little over 50 years ago (when I was 11) I saved up some money from caddying and had my father drive me to Yesteryear Cyclery on Hathaway road. Yesteryear was the closest Schwinn dealer to our house (1.6 miles) I knew exactly what I wanted, a copper colored Sting Ray bike with a metalflake copper banana seat and I was going to pay cash for it with my own money. I want to say the Sting Ray cost me either $62 or $65. I was so proud walking out of your store. I think my father was proud for me too! Mine was I believe one of the first Sting Ray Schwinns in the area. Not for long though. Sting Rays were soon everywhere. I can’t believe the business is still a going concern. I thought you’d get a kick out of hearing from someone that was REALLY impressed by your operation some 50+ years ago and still remembers Yesteryear Cyclery after all this time.

Brian Houk

Las Vegas , NV

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